Thursday, February 14, 2013

Pìosan beaga siud an seo

College acceptances have begun to arrive, and while I haven't decided whether or not to disclose the names of the colleges I've applied to, I have been accepted by two of my three Scottish universities! I am still waiting back on a few, but I've been accepted into one of my top 3 schools, so I am happy.

I just started Saoghal na Gàidhlig 1 at UHI in January and I have jumped, feet first, into Scottish (well, really British) history. In the medium of Gaelic. I am relieved to find that my mind, which during the fall had been spurting random bits of German, is now back to its normal state of Gaelic-ness. One difficulties has been the fact that I simply have never been exposed to a lot of the ancient stuff. For one thing, I had never had much interest in it. For another, I'm an American! Now I'm finding that knowledge of things such as Dal Riada and Ogham and the significance of 1066 is taken for granted and I'm trying to shove 12 (or so) years of Scottish history into a month or two. It's been entirely thrilling and I know that all this knowledge will be useful if next year I attend *undisclosed Scottish university.*

So that's a random update! I hope to have more posts this spring, articulating some my ideas and learning from my various classes and well as perhaps even creative writing. Who knows!

P.S. Tha mi really, really ag ionndrainn air Alba an-dràst'. Tha big-time cianalas agam.

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